Remittance Processing

For FirsTech clients supporting customers who prefer a more traditional approach to submitting a payment, we offer a robust remittance processing service.

Your incoming check receivables are sent directly to a unique post office box used solely to collect payments. FirsTech specialists retrieve, open and promptly deposit the checks into your business account.

With over 35 years of experience, FirsTech offers the latest in retail and wholesale lockbox payments—and we have the tools you need for streamlining the process, increasing productivity and saving valuable time.

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Remote Image Archival System

Another unique feature of FirsTech’s remittance processing solution is our Remote Image Archival System. You can quickly respond to customer inquiries by researching payment activity and viewing clear stub images online in seconds. All images are stored online for up to 12 months prior to being archived for an agreed upon period of time

An experienced remittance processing provider, FirsTech’s exception processing accurately handles items such as customer correspondence, NSF checks and unidentified checks.

E-Box Solution

Dealing with deposits from multiple locations and accounts can create complicated audit and reporting processes.

FirsTech's e-box solution combines payments from multiple locations into one central account while streamlining your financials and increasing your cash pool for investments.

Streamline your processes by concentrating your funds and eliminating the need for multiple accounts and transfers. You can also expand your resources with our robust online reporting options, including source, date and dollar amount of each deposit, while also identifying deposits from each location—all at an agreed upon time each processing day.

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